• Jaclyn Walker

6 months

In a crazy spin of scheduling Caleb’s only attended one appointment with Eleanor. It was Wednesday.

He’s traveled for work since the second day she was born. Yes that was a doozy. Another difference between mom of 1 and mom of 3. Easier to deal with still not fabulous.

It’s been a strange theme. If you watched our live, I was also alone when I delivered her. Back story: https://www.facebook.com/thejaclynwalker/videos/10156517677969864/

Ever wonder if God is on a lunch break in your life? I used to really struggle with this in pockets and seasons. I’ve felt strangely isolated in ways, like these appoints, through this process.

This has been a difficult thing for me navigating hearing the reality of her needs etc. I’m not sure why it’s gone that way but it has. I have to trust it’s for my good purpose. It’s how I’m bent, but nonetheless, difficult.

We love our pediatrician Dr Chacko.

When she delivered the news of her Downs to me... karyotype results, black and white, my mind when in a fog.

It followed with some basic detail....we watch for lukemia, hypothyroidism, heart issues and hearing loss...I’m so grateful for her health - and, there’s still a different set of reality to deal with.

I just cried. She was so gentle with me. Gave me a big hug. So comforting. She’s a bright spot in this process with navigating this new life.

Plus her fashion sense. 😂 I always look forward to see what she’ll be wearing. LOL

6 month appointment yesterday

14.8 lbs 25in she’s on the lower end of the trend for Downs. It’s common to have a smaller head, and she does. She will be the only Walker with this trait 😂

This she had to get a full panel blood draw from her toe, so sad but she’s a champ.

Also a laundry list of tests for cognitive, emotional and physical development. Hearing and sight and another echocardiogram. These are common concerns that need to be closely monitored with an extra chrome.

Eleanor is 100% smiles. She’s takes every que from me. I’m grateful for her in this very season of my life. Not Jaclyn at 22 or 32 🙂 but for such a time as this. Even when it feels uncomfortable its also quite right.

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