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Updated: May 3


Made it back to church ⛪️ today.

It’s like hearding cats in the most serious way.

There are so many people, friends of friends following our story and process. 💕

Thought I’d say HELLO and share a few tidbits about me....

So, hey 👋🏼 I’m Jaclyn.

➸ I’ve been married to Caleb for 21 years in April. He usually keeps track of the years.

➸ We only make girls. Grace (11), Ava (7), Eleanor 🍼 (3) we struggled to get pregnant with Eleanor for 3 years.

➸ We’ve been through hell and back in our marriage, separated twice for 2 years each time and consider ourselves walking miracles for having made it through. We talk about it at #calebandjaclynlive

➸ I’m a grateful believer in Jesus, who delivered me from a pit of food addiction, codependency, perfectionism and striving. #10yearsrecovery

➸ Who I am is integrity, gratitude and grace.

➸ I’ve gained and lost 100lbs both in addictive eating and super striving and now live for sustainable balance and helping others achieve it.

➸ I am a worship leader, but jazz singer at heart. I opened for Diana Krall with my ensemble before she was famous #claimtofame

➸ I am a serial encourager. Exhortation is a strength of mine. I love people. Like LOVE.

I’m an outgoing introvert.

➸ Botox & fillers, yes yes and Amen.

➸ I am a banker. This year will be 20 years, small business strategy. It’s where I learned to LOVE the entrepreneur and birthed the guts to be one. I will serve this community or be a part of one until I kick the bucket.

➸ I am a salt slinger. When I learned that there was a way to biohack your body for the better I submerged myself in research and found my third love. #sidehustle

➸ Caleb told me recently “you’ll never be a ‘girl wash your face’ girl, you’re a girl wash your heart, girl.”

That was probably the greatest compliment I’ve ever been paid. ❤️

Anything surprise you?

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